Winchelsea Lodge

Isolate From Family

We are offering the opportunity for self isolation in comfort with the additional benefit of having food delivered three times a day with fresh bedding every four days. Room rates are the same as our regular rates.

If you want to sponsor an Essential Worker please get in touch with us directly on 01797 226 211

For Social Distancing the Restaurant is closed and the Bar is not open to sit at, this is not simply “come and stay in a Motel” This is a practical way to pass the time needed in comfort without placing your family at risk.

Our Kitchen and Bar are extremely well equipped, we will deliver your choice of meals to your room, bring you drinks and generally ensure your Isolation is safe and as stress free as possible.

For NHS staff we will ensure your downtime is a time to relax, we have excellent Wifi in all rooms so you can Skype and Facetime.

Every 4th day we will provide you with clean laundry which we ask you to remove from your bed and to re-make your bed.

Room cleaning can be arranged during times when you have gone for a walk or if you are a frontline worker when you have otherwise vacated the room, the reality is you will be left to your own devices and will not spend very much time with any of our staff. We will be available on the phone.

The cost is only £100 per night for double, twin or Single occupancy rooms plus your food and drink from the Isolation menu. Rooms are paid weekly in advance with an additional £100 deposit.

This facility is available on a first come first served and ONLY FOR DIRECT BOOKINGS please call 01797 226211 – do not use any online booking agencies.

You can see our rooms on the website, they come as Doubles, Twins and family rooms.

We doubt any family of four could live in the same room for two weeks however if Mum & Dad were in one room with the children in the room opposite it could easily work.

We have good Wifi and plenty of nice local walks and free parking.